Fully qualified babysitters and nannies will assist you to sit back and relax. Keep your children safe, while you having a night out or keep them busy, while you want to have time for yourself and /or your partner. An extra pair of hands can be invaluable for these moments.

Event Planning

Imagine your own special event at a private luxury villa. We can provide you the event of your dreams with our most specialized partners, whether you want a gala reception, a tailor-made or birthday party, anniversaries, special occasions or even your wedding party. Feel relaxed and comfort as we are taking care of decorations, DJ set, dancers, special spectacles, food and drinks of your choice. Choose in house chiefs or catering to enjoy traditional or special dishes at your events. Make a menu of your favorite preferences on a special occasion. Our partnered cooks will prepare anything you might wish to have for that moment. Also, a bartender would be able to deal with your drinks, or a waiter/tress could be in house to serve you.